A Christening is the start of a Christian journey,
the entrance to the Church

What is a Christening?

During a Christening, your child will be baptised with water – the heart of christening service. It’s a sign of a new beginning and the start of an amazing journey of the Christian Faith.

How do I Book?

At St. Botolph’s, Christenings are held on Sundays at 12 noon;

at St. James’ they are arranged as required.

All Christenings must be arranged with the Vicar beforehand.

To arrange a christening, please contact:

The Parish Office (01509 502255) and speak to Louise Brown or email the office on office@shepshedandoaks.co.uk

Louise will be able to explain the meaning of baptism, what to expect in the service and answer any questions you may have.  She will also liaise with the Vicar in regard to a suitable date and time.

Children are a gift from the Lord;
they are a reward from him

Psalm 127:3

Frequently Asked Questions

Do godparents have to be baptized?
Yes, this is a basic requirement for a godparent because of the very special role they have in supporting a child’s faith journey.
What if one or both parents aren’t christened?
You can have your child baptized at a christening regardless of whether or not you, the parents, are baptized. It is only the godparents who are required to be baptized, (so the only time a parent would have to be baptized is if they were also acting as a godparent).
How much does a christening service cost?
The good news is that a christening service is free. There may be costs for your family party afterwards, for gifts, or for christening robes, but the church service is free.
What happens in the service?

The service can be found here:


It is split into parts:

  • The Welcome
  • The Promises
  • Signing of the Cross
  • The Water
  • Prayers

We will then invite you back to a service soon afterwards to receive the Candle and then every year afterwards to re-light the candle to remind us that Christ lights our way and shines in our hearts