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Light a Life

Many people find Christmas a time of sorrow as they miss their loved ones who have died. The Pastoral Assistant and her Care Team will be in church on Saturday Dec 15th between 2.00 and 6.00 pm to offer love and support to the bereaved or those who find Christmas...

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Messy Church for 2019

27th Jan – Where I belong (Luke 2:41-52) 24th Feb – Self Confident (Judges 6:11-16) 24th March – Dusty Drawing (John 8:1-11)

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Christmas Services

Midnight Communion Mon 24th Dec 8. 30 pm St. James’ Church 11.00 pm St. Botolph’s Church Christmas Day Communion and Carols Tues 25th Dec 10.00 am

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Christingle Services Sun 16th Dec 4.00 pm St. James’ Church Mon 24th Dec 2.00 pm St. Botolph’s Church 4.00 pm 6.00 pm

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Colin Stinchcombe

Many people are asking how Colin is progressing following his strokes. He is doing well, he now has some use back on his left side and can move his arm and his foot. He will be in Coalville Hospital on Snibstone Stroke Unit for the forseeable future. He will welcome...

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The Eucharist – What does it mean to you?

Twelve people gathered together at St Botolph’s Church on a Saturday morning to explore the meaning of the Eucharist, or Communion Service (Common worship) as we also call it. Eucharist comes from the Greek words eucharistein and eulogein which recall the Jewish...

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All Souls Services

Services will be held at St Botolph's on Friday 2nd November at 7.30pm and St James on Sunday 4th November at 4.00 pm. Those wishing to attend, may add names to the prayer list.

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Why Celebrate Harvest?

I like to think I brought my children up with certain standards. To try and live an honest life, to recognise their mistakes and try and put them right, say sorry and try not to do it again. I also hope they have learnt not to take  for granted the gifts that God has...

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One who learns as they follow

We all have come to faith by different but sometimes similar paths. We may have been a ‘cradle’ Christian who from an early age had been encouraged and drawn into following Jesus. Others may have come to faith later in life through an experience or by the influence of...

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