Join our Virtual Choir

We are looking to put together a virtual choir. Record yourself singing along to the accompaniment track below and then upload it to our website. We will put all the recordings together to create a Virtual Choir.

You will probably need two devices when recording. One to play the music, the other to record yourself singing. Most smart phones have a voice recorder on them.

Upload files

The Lyrics:

St Botolph’s church stands sentinel,

set high upon a hill

in Shepshed town full thousand years,

a faithful guardian still.


Within its ancient walls to-day

a living church aspires

in worship, preaching, prayer and care

to stir our hearts’ desires.


Here sacraments and passing rites

are graciously performed,

while ringing bells and pointing spire

proclaim our lives transformed.


And far beyond the parish bounds

compassion’s love extends,

in shared humanity to serve

our distant unknown friends.


Still teach us how to follow you,

to find your presence near;

speak endlessly the words of life

and give us ears to hear!