We start with Ash Wednesday which reminds us that we will not live forever and as we came from dust (Genesis) so we return to Dust. We are given a chance to think about our life, where is it going? It gives us an opportunity for some to ‘fast’ and, if it’s food such as chocolate or biscuits etc, to give the equivalent money that we would have spent on these items, to charity. (Sacrifice)

Then in Holy week we relive those last days in Jesus’ life. Starting with Palm Sunday where we enter Jerusalem and put our palm plants on the floor for Jesus to ride over on his donkey. We proclaim him as Messiah and relive the last supper (Eucharist) and we end by joining the crowd at his trial and the crucifixion.

Holy Week will offer you a chance to engage with reflection and worship.  Tuesday Café Church (7.30pm) and Wednesday morning at 10am, communion with healing.

On Maundy Thursday we will join together in the church and share a simple meal recalling the Last Supper and if you so wish, you can join with me in waiting with Jesus in the garden of olives for his arrest (vigil till 10pm).

On Good Friday  9.45am walk of Witness starting outside St Winifred’s Church. There are a series of readings and hymns at each church, culminating in a service outside the Library.

Keeping of the Hour at 2pm (St James) and later in the evening, at 7.30pm at St Botolphs we are invited to ‘One Friday in Eternity’ which is combination of hymns, reelections and dramatic readings.

Whoopee! Hurray! Glory to God in the Highest! The church is full of colour, flowers and joy and we celebrate the Risen Christ on Easter Day. We visit the tomb and find it empty! Christ now walks amongst us! Let us celebrate! Easter Eggs that symbolize the empty tomb are eaten and as Christians we celebrate the living presence of Christ amongst us!

Wow what a journey! Do you really want to miss out on the greatest story on earth?