We all have come to faith by different but sometimes similar paths. We may have been a ‘cradle’ Christian who from an early age had been encouraged and drawn into following Jesus. Others may have come to faith later in life through an experience or by the influence of an important person or people in their life; each call is different but the call is the same: to become a disciple of Christ.

The word ‘Disciple’ comes from the Greek mathetes which means ‘one who learns as they follow’.  We think of the disciples as the Apostles or the twelve who followed Jesus but the call to be a follower or learner of the way touched many peoples’ lives in Jesus time and continues to touch peoples’ lives today.

Mary was called, by the spirit, to be the mother of Jesus in the face of scandal and Joseph was called in faith, to believe and trust in God accepting Mary as the mother of God incarnate.  The Apostles and other followers of Jesus were called to witness to the world the saving grace of Jesus Christ. That witness continues today with modern day disciples.

We all have our stories but the same call: to learn as we follow. This is an active faith which requires constant attention and action. Faith is an adventure which sometimes calls us out of the ordinary and finds expression in our lives as we engage in the world.

Discipleship is engagement and can be through; prayer for those around us, working in the community for the benefit of others, active listening to those who need to be heard and sharing our calling to learn as we follow Christ. This sometimes means coming out of our comfort zone but God never leads us to where he is not already present.

I feel great wonder and joy each time I see God at work; in my life, the church, the community and the world. This is an active God who does not sleep and never stops loving us.

The question then is this ‘What does it mean to you to be a disciple of Christ?’ Are you willing to be transformed and active in prayer, service and mission in our community? Are you willing to share your faith story and share what a difference Christ has made in your life? These are all things we need to think about and answer.

We all are called to follow and learn which involves change, challenge, joy and ultimately fulfilment in the God who loves us and who never abandons us in our journey of faith.

“Christ is counting on you – And I on Him”

Revd Lydia